Anonymous asked:
i no you no what the song is called i was questioning whether i new what the song was called or not!

oh right!! haha yeah it is intro set/3 x


Isabeli Fontana at Givenchy, Spring/Summer 2009
Anonymous asked:
how did you and elise become friends?

through The 1975 we starting talking on twitter the night before they arrived in jan and planned to meet at the airport the next day and the friendship just BLOSSOMED

Anonymous asked:
yours and elises comments on the video of you singing intro/set 3. is that what its actually called made me confused haha xo

"is that intro/set 3" is a quote from something hilarious that happened involving me, alcohol and 5sos. i do actually know what the song is called haha! x


Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word


Anonymous asked:
For the gigs in jan how will you make sure you get to the front barrier if they only let one entry door in at a time and you won't no what door that is?

idk but at brisbane venues they only make one line for mosh.. isnt that a thing or am i wrong?

Anonymous asked:
Do you no what entry door you are for your Melbourne show/s

no idea maybe 6? (could totally be making that up)

Anonymous asked:
if I see you and elise in January should I come and say hey

of course! x


Tom Ford | Spring/Summer 2015