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Confused as to why Elise is getting so much hate? I don't know her personally but she seems really lovely. I honestly think no matter how much the anons will try to deny it, that they're jealous of how many interactions she's had with The 1975.

I have no idea. and I hate how they’re sending it to me im literally her best friend?! well haters going to hate because im screen shotting every message and sending to her and we are having such a laugh. shes lovely and im completely agree with you shes so lucky to have experienced what she has!


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u ignored my question lol bet 1975 gag each time elise goes near them

i deleted it because your a cunt xx

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is elise as pretty irl as she is online and is she nice irl because shes scary online

she is definitely gorgeous in person and she is definitely scary in person but shes nice if you get to know her

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I'm a younger fan too haha, but i'm finally going to my first concert of theirs ! I'm beyond excited but a little bit terrified haha, because everyone always makes fun of the younger fans, I'm kind of small and i'm in the mosh and i'm scared of getting crushed hahaha, oh god i'm sorry i just needed to rant

no no thats fine! if your small and young, the mosh at The 1975’s gigs are MENTAL. ive been to sooo many concerts but that all ages show in sydney was the scariest mosh of my life and I was even on barrier. if you want to have a good time at the show then i suggest having a jam at the back with a group of friends so you can enjoy your first gig x

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I have really bad anxiety and all of these questions are overwhelming me and making me shake like crazy.. not good!

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ah it was terrible that the people mobbed them so badly at the airport ! If i was there i would be so calm and respectful. How do you find out airport info though haha? I tried when they were here recently and found nothing, I was so disappointed !

it was actually crazy! I was at melbourne airport waiting for my flight and me and the girls literally sat on the ground and didnt move while our favourite band was walking past us multiple times getting mobbed. fucking sucked. i just find out from friends from around australia and most of the time i just guess. if you need help message me off anon x

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not going to lie, one direction and The 1975 are two of my favorite bands but I didn't start liking them because Harry Styles mentioned them or whatever, i can definitely see where your coming from though!

cool dude, enjoy both of them! thankyou x